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Finding President Obama in the headlines is no surprise but when his wife makes national news for ‘touching’ the Queen it leads you to question what is going on? The fuss started during a visit in April 2009 when Michelle Obama seemingly half hugged the Queen. So we have been waiting with bated breath for… read more.

21 FEB 2011

Food glorious food

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I was in the unfortunate position to have to spend four days in hospital recently and as I had never been on that side of the bed, having only ever visited sick relatives and friends, I was surprised when a nurse cam e round to ‘take my order for lunch’. The menu was relatively diverse… read more.

16 FEB 2011

Shakespearian Gnomes

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Last week I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet, one of the latest 3D family films, and I loved it. The film is based on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and is set in two neighbouring gardens to a soundtrack of Elton John’s greatest hits. A mad combination I know, but it really worked! There are… read more.


14 FEB 2011

Call Me

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My mum was talking to me recently about the problem of organising an activity with a large group of friends when they all use different ways of communicating. When you have one friend who will only use the house phone, another who likes texting but doesn’t check their e-mails, one who loves e-mails but hasn’t… read more.