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I came across a story in the Yorkshire Evening Post recently, which reported that Leeds County Council has decided to launch a full investigation into a previous agreement to allow a reverse graffiti campaign to take place in the city throughout 2011.

Not only was the agreement basically allowing a company to clean the streets for the Council but also to share in any revenues generated as a result – nice you may think but oh no. Apparently the agreement wasn’t discussed with the environmental officer at the council – erm, is it just me?

Reverse graffiti, despite the name (which should really have been thought about), is the art of cleaning pavements or walls to create an image, message or advert. How can that be negative? As long as the messaging or image is agreed beforehand it seems to make perfect sense.

So in a nut shell rather than spraying or painting something on to the walls, the artist cleans from them. It’s only temporary (until the pavements or walls become grubby again) and the council’s gripe is the environmental association – surely it can’t be faulted.

Personally I think we should be giving out branded water bottles to the ‘youths of today’ and a scrubbing brush – let’s see what they can come up with. I’d much rather see artistic flair and talents than grubby walls.

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