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You’d think after reading so many blogs, I’d be able to write one…I’m not too sure that will be the case, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

Right this moment I’m 45 minutes from walking out of the doors of Open for the last time this Summer and it’s a very strange feeling! On one hand, I’m super excited about moving back to Edinburgh, starting university and doing all the ‘adult’ things that come with renting your first flat, but also I’m quite sad because I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing all summer!

Last night, when trying to decide the perfect words to sum up my experience, I realised you can’t really use words to even explain what it’s like to work with Open. Fun, exciting, confusing, fast paced and terrifying could all come close but they’re still not quite right.

I had absolutely no clue what to expect when I started but it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a lot, and got to know an amazing team along the way! For one, I wasn’t even sure that so many magazines were available for one genre, and even that Haribo made so many products.

The team here are absolutely lovely, every single person is different – in some situations that would never work, but here they’ve got it spot on! Even with the additions of Katie and Louise not that long ago, you can see that the team works amazingly well together.

To begin with, I had a lot of questions (well, obviously! I’d never worked in an office before, never mind for a PR firm!) and no matter what everyone was doing, someone would find the time to help me! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer team to be dropped in to. If I use many more positive adjectives in one paragraph it’ll look like I’m trying to sell the team, honestly I’m not!

Upon reflecting on my time, if I was asked what was the most important thing I’d learnt whilst here, I’d probably say “blogging gets you loads of cool stuff, so become a blogger”, but really it’s how best to wrap a million boxes in a short space of time…I could become a Christmas elf! …Kidding, well, only about the box wrapping, I probably meet the height requirements for an elf.

I digress, the most important thing I’ve learnt at Open has to be how to act in an office, and exactly how much work goes into brand campaigns! I’ll never take people sampling in the street for granted ever again!

I guess that’s it, my final 45 minutes is over. I truly am a Maths person looking at how little I’ve just managed to write! I can only thank the Open team for the fantastic opportunity they have given me this summer, they truly took a chance on an otherwise unemployable, bored Maths student wanting a little bit of money to get by in September.

I am positive Open Communications will only go from strength to strength in its future, and I am so thankful to have been part of the team…if only for a little while!





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