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As Friday draws to a close so does my first month (and a bit) in PR.

As a graduate that is fresh into the labour market, as well as the PR industry, it has certainly been an eye-opener. The first impression I have of working in PR has to focus on how fast paced it is. Very fast paced. Press releases need typing, blogs need writing, social media needs maintaining, research needs doing and you have to keep the ball rolling on everything or else nothing will get done.

Time goes quick. In the office at 9.00am and out the door at 5.30pm. However, 8 and a half hours of work certainly flies by. Morning consists of social media maintenance, market reviews and reading over the days papers. All may seem like small tasks but they are certainly important to support what we do with our varied client list.

After these jobs are done – alongside firing a few emails – you’ll look up and the afternoon is right around the corner.

Lunch times. Lunch times are great. I feel so privileged to be working at Nostell Priory with the grounds literally on the doorstep. They are truly beautiful and I’m trying to make the most of working here.

The open spaces, well maintained gardens, historic buildings, lakes teaming with activity and woodlands with great wildlife make for a really nice and relaxing lunch break.  The cows are with calves and the cygnets on the lakes are starting to grow their swan feathers. I suppose we will both be going on the same journey while I’m here. Learning new skills, gathering information from the wise heads that support us and also making a few mistakes along the way, but importantly learning from them.

The accounts that Open Communications has are all great and I’m really happy to be working on those that I’ve been given. They’re so diverse and that keeps things interesting.

Just two examples; being given the responsibility to work with a fun and exciting brand like MAOAM is fantastic and being able to make a contribution to the amazing work that the Coalfields Regeneration Trust does makes me extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given.

Although the team at Open is small, only 5 of us to be precise, I feel there’s a lot to learn from everyone. Everyone has a wealth of experience and will happily dispense their advice whenever it is called upon. I think learning from the experiences and advice of others is the best way to get ahead in PR. They know their job and their clients inside out, as a graduate you need to listen and learn from others and that’s certainly one thing I’m doing.

So, as my first months comes to a close, I think it’s gone well. I’m really enjoying my time so far and feel I’ve learned a lot, both in terms of the skills needed in the industry and about the clients I’ll be working with.

I’m really excited about what the future holds for me in PR – hopefully a successful career for me and ongoing achievements across the team. There’s one thing for sure, if the last five weeks have been anything to go by, there’s no chance of me getting bored!

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