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Love Island has started this week for its fourth season, meaning that Brits everywhere will stop in their tracks at 9pm every night for the next eight weeks. They will be hooked to their TV screens, Instagram accounts and the gossip that entails but why are so many Brits addicted to this show?

Every night we will sit down to watch the contestants religiously shout out ‘I’ve got a text’ or explain to their fellow contestants how the new guy is totally their type on paper. The show keeps on growing from strength to strength with more people applying this year than ever before.

A whopping 150,000 applicants applied. The PR team and production staff must be doing something right.

The real question is: “Why as a nation are we so hooked to essentially watching a group of people in their mid-twenties sunbathe and drink bottles of water with their names printed on them?” Yes, you can buy these and yes, I fully intend on purchasing one.

Unfortunately, the reality also means that if you have a holiday booked whilst the show is on you’re going to have to avoid twitter like the plague whilst you are away, and binge watch it the second you land back in the UK. The show is now so popular that even if you don’t watch it, you will see and hear about it… everywhere.

In 2017, the show had 2.9 million viewers. What is the real reason behind the nation’s slightly unhealthy obsession with watching Love Island? According to a recent article by the Daily Telegraph, the show is so popular due to several key factors. Some of these factors include the relatable cast, the use of social media, the scheduling of the show and finally the fact that Love Island’s success already has influence.

ITV2 haven’t created a huge campaign for Love Island, they did however create an advert with Caroline Flack on a plane highlighting that Love Island will be coming back soon. Although, if you watched Season 3 like many of us did, you would have known it was coming back and you wouldn’t need the advert to tell you that.

The PR Team behind Love Island know full well that the public are going to watch the show without a huge campaign, because as long as the producers have picked great contestants and put them in a swanky villa in Mallorca the nation is seemingly happy.

The public don’t need persuading or influencing because they were so involved with last year’s series it was just a given they would be tuning in for this year’s scheduled programmes.

The fact that Love Island is so influential means that the show is successful within its own right. Love Island has this power and if you aren’t planning on watching the show, I’m sure you’ll end up hearing about it one way or another.

When your Twitter feed is full of tweets about the show you’ll start to watch it, so you don’t feel left out for the entire summer and like the rest of us you will fall into the Love Island quick sand and become ever so slightly obsessed.

The real reason Love Island is so popular is because it is so influential. Whether you genuinely like the show or not it’s better to spend the next eight weeks being in the know rather than being the odd one out. The show is most definitely in its prime and no matter what the reason is behind its popularity, Love Island Season 4 is going to be the most talked about summer show and it has only just begun!

As a huge fan of the show myself here is the list of reasons behind why I think Love Island is so popular: 

·  Iain Stirling doing the commentary

·  The fact the contestants get given ridiculous nick names such as ‘Muggy Mike’

·  The way everyone gets super excited when someone shouts ‘I’ve got a text’

·  How all the contestants seem to say ‘let’s have a chat’ before having a chat rather than just having a chat!

·  How involved you get with the show just from watching at home

·  How they are just normal people who you can relate to, well most of them anyway

·  The look of sheer panic on the contestants’ faces when they find out there is going to be a recoupling

·  The genuine friendships that some of the contestants make with one another

It may be an age thing or just the fact that I find other people’s lives so interesting, but I will be tuning in tonight at 9pm and can’t wait to see the Love Island line up for 2018. Watch this space.



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