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19 JUN 2018


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Wakefield’s dining scene is forever changing with new restaurants coming and old ones unfortunately going. One of the most iconic restaurants in Wakefield is Qubana. Qubana has been a staple piece of the Wakefield dining scene for the last ten years, which led to the restaurant moving premises in 2017.

As Qubana said goodbye to its home on Northgate the owners decided to creatively use this space for a new restaurant which opened in 2018 as Robatary. I recently ate at Robatary, so I thought I would share my experience giving those of you that may want to visit Wakefield some ‘food for thought’.


When you walk into Robatary you step into a large, well-designed bar area. Immediate impressions are that it is spacious with a plush seating area and offers an extensive range of beer, wines and cocktails. When you are taken to your table you are greeted by a mixture of teal and orange coloured booths with wooden tables. They also have blankets on the back of the chairs in the centre of the restaurant in case you are cold or would like to sit outside. The tiled flooring keeps that bohemian look whilst the modern furniture ensures the restaurant has a warm feel to it. Overall, the interior offers that fresh and inviting look most foodies want when they are dining out.


Robatary pride themselves on the ‘Robatary experience’. This means that you can dine in two ways:  you can either choose small plates where you select a variety of Pacific tapas dishes or you can opt for, the traditional way, selecting a starter and main course.

On this occasion I opted for the small plates that come from Asia and America, as well as locally. I love Asian food, so I chose the Asian inspired dishes. I selected the Crispy Oriental Vegetable Spring Roll with a Plumb and Berry Jam, the Chicken Satay, the Beef Teriyaki, the Charred Garlic Butter King Prawns and the Tokyo Poke Bowl.

All the food was delicious, especially the prawns and beef. My only complaint would be the food was served warm as opposed to hot. My personal preference would have been that the food was served at a higher temperature and on a hot plate.

Like many others, I find that when I am socialising with friends and eating, my food will go cold extremely quickly so if its piping hot when its served it’s just that little bit more enjoyable. In fairness, this was my only niggle as the rest of the meal was superb.

One of the dishes I ordered was called the ‘Tokyo Poke Bowl’, I always think it’s nice to try new flavours and ingredients and see what you do and don’t like, on this occasion the Tokyo Poke Bowl was not for me but I’m sure others would love this dish.

Also, if you love chocolate like I do, the Chocolate Brownie is amazing!


As I previously mentioned the drinks menu is very extensive. The selection offers a variety of different flavoured gins, which is great for those that enjoy a tipple or two. We decided to sample a few different cocktails including a Pornstar Martini, which had edible flowers sprinkled on the top and the Raspberry Mojito. The quality of the cocktails was incredible, and I felt that they were even better than those that we get when we visit some of the best bars in Leeds. They were also excellent value for money costing around £7 each. Robatary are also happy for you to just use the bar area for drinks, which I would recommend if you want a delicious cocktail, or two, before you head somewhere else.


We visited Robatary on a Saturday night and it was quieter than we anticipated however the waitress explained that it was normally much busier, and it was just a slow evening. I think the restaurant would have had a better atmosphere on a busier evening. The staff were all very friendly and the service was very relaxed, so if you are in a hurry I wouldn’t stop in for a bite to eat but if you want to have an enjoyable evening with great food and drinks this is the place.

Value for money

Regarding value for money, the tapas dishes I had added up quite quickly and before I knew it the five dishes I had for my main course came to £31. I think maybe next time I would order a starter and main course as I felt that I have paid less for main courses in other, ‘posher’ eateries. That been said, I did order lots of food and didn’t exactly choose the cheapest dishes on the menu, which they do have plenty of so that’s probably my own fault.

Overall verdict

Overall, I think that the Robatary is similarly priced to other established restaurants in the area and the drinks are extremely good value. If I was giving this restaurant a TripAdvisor rating I would probably give it a 4 out of 5 stars, due to the outstanding food, drink, service and décor.  

You can never have too many lovely restaurants to frequent -  after all, it’s always nice to have too much choice, opposed to not enough. The Robatary is an excellent addition to the Wakefield dining scene and I look forward to visiting again in the future. Go check it out, you won’t regret it and it’s a further example of how Wakefield is changing and becoming a destination of choice for those that want to experience other cities across the Yorkshire region.








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