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A recent survey found that more than a fifth of British readers refuse to give up on a book even if they find it boring. Shamefully, I am one of the stubborn 22% that refuses to give up despite painfully plodding on through the pages, ignoring the Reading Agency’s advice which says we should give up on a book if we’re not enjoying it.

Reading a book is a brilliant pastime and when I have the time I find there’s nothing better than getting my nose stuck into a page turner. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to get enough time nowadays and I only manage to get through a book around every 3-4 months, reading a couple of chapters and leaving it untouched for a good few weeks.

Apparently more than half of Brits (54%) suffer from ‘book-block’, meaning that they’re stuck on the same story for longer than 3 months, preventing them from reading anything else – this is me at the moment.  

Britain’s class divide, as detailed by Ferdinand Mount in ‘Mind the Gap’, isn’t doing anything for me and after 130 pages I’ve decided to break the habit of a lifetime and ditch it completely, preferring instead to pick up something else that will peak my attention.

So, I’ve gone for something smaller and fictitious -the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a 90 something page tale of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own planet to travel the universe, learning about the complexities of adult behaviour along the way through a series of extraordinary encounters.

I hope that by picking up a light-hearted, short piece of fiction I’ll get the bug back and start to read far more regularly.

My stubbornness for finishing a book has often got in the way of me reading, forcing myself into finishing a story even though I’m not enjoying it. I’m now going to follow the Reading Agency’s advice and ditch the next novel I choose after 100 pages if I’ve found it’s not for me.

Hopefully, at least this way I’ll be able to get back in to reading and plough through a few more books a year than I am at present. Feel free to share any recommendations and I’ll add them to my new list.

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