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When you work in Public Relations (PR), it can sometimes be difficult to explain what you actually do in just one sentence, particularly to those who do not work in the industry. However, when you do work in PR you are very aware of the fact that the efforts of this specialism are everywhere.

From Instagram to the newspapers, many of the articles we read have stemmed from the work of an agency or in-house team.

For many people they do not realise that their everyday lives are influenced by the work of a team that are tasked with supporting the profile and communications of a brand. PR stories fill social media, the newspapers and our television screens.

Some TV shows have incredible PR teams behind them which in turn leads to their success. On the other hand, sadly, some PR teams are not as successful in this arena as others.

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off (GBBO) came back to our screens at the end of August meaning the new season has only just begun. Just two episodes in and the nation is hooked – and obviously as a Wakefield based agency – we are routing for ‘our’ very own Karen Wright.

Aside from sitting down at 8pm every Tuesday to watch the most heart-warming show of the year, there is an influx of posts across social media channels with cakes, bakes and buns all finely presented and shared. I even have one person on Facebook who posts a photo of her bakes just before the show starts and does them in the theme of each episode (they are amazing).

The GBBO inspires individuals to take to their kitchens, however as a nation that loves cake, we are certainly not complaining. All that said, don’t be deceived into thinking that The GBBO is all about good TV and viewing figures, far from it, as a result of the show the producers have very cleverly created a brand whereby you can buy products extending its commercial viability.

Maintaining momentum and building the profile of the show even further, the communications team behind the programme has launched brand-new advertisement, featured across several articles in magazines and newspapers, and they have ensured their own social media channels are actively updated giving consumers a further opportunity to engage.

As a result, an active, engaged and loyal audience now tune in to GBBO year after year. This has been no doubt influenced by the PR and marketing campaigns that have found just the right ingredients to get the nation baking.

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard is a six-part series, which again has the UK gripped.

The shows third episode aired on Sunday 2 September raking in over 6.7 million viewers opposed to ITV’s new Vanity Fair which by comparison saw 3.1 million people tuning in.

The Bodyguard focuses on highly topical issues including terrorism, the British Government and controversial political matters. Due to the sensitive issues the show addresses, viewers are drawn into a world of thrill that may make good television but unfortunately, these are situations the British Government are fighting against every single day.

The programme has a cast with numerous female actresses featuring in a mixture of high profile roles. Given that it is 2018 and gender inequality in the workplace is still an ongoing issue, it is great to see women being represented in this way and being showcased in senior government roles.

The PR and marketing team behind this show, in my opinion, have done a phenomenal job in that they have emphasised the relatability of the show which has led to its success, so much so I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back with a second season.

The X-Factor

The X-Factor is one of Britain’s most popular television shows and has been aired for the last fifteen years. In 2017 the show finally changed its format and started to allow contestants to write and sing their own songs. This led, in my opinion, to the best X-Factor series and final in years.

Despite the talented contestants of 2017, the opening viewings for the X-Factors return last weekend were the lowest they have been in the entire run of the show since launching, with 5.7 million viewers tuning in. However, the show was still the most watched show on ITV on Saturday evening meaning the ratings were still high.

As other shows have spectacular PR teams behind them which successfully launch them into the future, shows like the X-Factor seem to fall behind. In a crowded market you need to stand out and even though the X-Factor isn’t going anywhere right now, the producers should be investing in the marketing and PR of the show to ensure it continues to appeal in an ever-evolving market.

I look forward to the future where we will see the development of the television industry as producers, programmers and mediums all use creative PR tactics to their advantage to enhance their growth.   

I will certainly be watching this space with a new perspective. It’s not just about the newspaper, radio or TV that you choose to engage with, but as significantly, the communications and creative campaigns that support them.

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