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As a busy PR office, we can confirm that Autumn is in full swing and Christmas is right around the corner. Our summer holidays feel like a distant memory and planning for 2019 has even begun!

Many brands use seasons, celebratory holidays and even the periods in-between as the foundation to their campaigns. In an ever-evolving market, some businesses now thrive on the ‘in-between’ period creating campaigns out of events such as Wimbledon and The World Cup.

This year we have seen a wide variety of campaigns and so thought it would be useful to take a look back at some of those that we feel are the best from 2018.


Taking advantage of Valentine’s Day, Greggs kicked off 2018 with a brilliant PR stunt gaining immense coverage with their ‘fine dining’ stunt.

Gregg’s transformed a selection of their stores into romantic restaurants, which allowed guests to be a part of a one-off dining experience for just £15. This activation was imaginative, different and most definitely stood out from the crowd.

Let’s hope the brand that is best known for its sausage rolls and pasties celebrates the new year with another attention-grabbing campaign.

Sourced: The Drum

Sourced: The Drum


As Brit’s we love Wimbledon but there are a few things that make this fantastic occasion a greater experience than just watching the tennis. Those things include strawberries and cream, Pimm’s and of course some sunshine.

Wimbledon is now a momentous occasion that most of us look forward to and is marked in the annual calendar.

As an official sponsor, Robinsons embraced the fact that guests of the event need to remain hydrated in the heat, whilst considering their environmental impact leading to the brand creating personalised and reusable bottles.

Robinsons commitment to tackle plastic pollution was a great idea – and bang on trend – and hopefully other companies will follow suit in adopting an approach to packaging that considers their environmental impact.

Sourced: Asian Trader

Sourced: Asian Trader


When TUI research found that three quarters of the British public had ‘post-holiday blues’ after returning from their summer getaway, the brand realised that they had an opportunity to leverage engagement and raise the profile of the company at a time that is not typical for a holiday company. 

As the Summer came to an end, Tui Sensatori decided to extend the ‘feeling’ of getting away for a little longer with the launch of a brolly that they named the ‘Holi-Brolly’.

When opened, the umbrella released a memory triggering scent and shined a light therapy bulb to help customers to beat the holiday blues by being reminded of their short time away in the sunshine.

Seeing how Tui Sensatori used the end of summer as a way to successfully promote their holidays through this creative yet simple campaign should be a nudge to others to start thinking now so that they can do the same.

Sourced: Lonely Planet

Sourced: Lonely Planet


Recently KFC received the following tweet:

“Dear KFC, no one likes your fries, yours sincerely, The Entire World”.

As a response KFC promoted the negative tweet to let customers know that new fries were coming soon, and they would be changing the recipe. They used the negative feedback to gain media coverage and attention whilst acknowledging what their customers want and expect.

KFC made something so simple catch everyone’s attention, highlighting how social media can be used as a great tool when used correctly.

Sourced: The Drum

Sourced: The Drum


This year was full of great PR campaigns. Other examples include the Virgin Trains campaign ‘Ride with Pride’ where they joined together with Pride and the #Project84 Suicide Sculptures campaign by the charity CALM which raised huge awareness not only in print press and online but across multiple broadcast channels too.

PR Campaigns have to go above and beyond for a variety of reasons and this is what makes them great vehicles for serious subjects, as well as those that are quirky, fun and just a bit of a giggle. We have seen political matters and topical subjects hit the headlines thanks to PR.  

Whatever the reason for the investment, time and effort, I believe that our industry has done some incredible work during 2018 and I can’t wait to see what is in store for 2019. 

Watch this space!

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