Gent Visick had commissioned a new website and were finding it difficult to draft engaging copy that would communicate the personality behind the business, while also promoting the benefits to working with the team and the results that they had delivered for clients over the last decade.


Open Communications recognised that the team had the basics in place but were too close to the subject to draft copy. Like many businesses the commercial property experts were over complicating the task by adding unnecessary information and using a tone of voice that was too formal.


Open recommended that a member of the team went along to the office to work within the business for a day. This allowed the agency to understand the personalities within the Gent Visick team and to bring that to life within the copy.


Quickly adopting a tone of voice that would meet with the approval of the Gent Visick partners, Open drafted all copy within a day. Having in place an Open for New Business model, which simply charges by the day as opposed to the hour or project, meant that the copy was completed within the required timescales and budgets.

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