As HARIBO launches products throughout the year, with a range of family favourites and seasonal treats for any occasion, it is up to Open Communications to come up new and inventive ways to ensure that each treat recieves a share of voice in the media and commands coverage in regional, trade, consumer and national publications.

With the launch of a Limited Edition Union Jack branded packs of Starmix, it was up to Open, as the PR agency for the company, to deliver a launch that would create coverage and reiterate key messages for the UK’s leading gums and jellies brand.


As HARIBO supports the MoD with products throughout the year, sending thousands of packages to Afghanistan via charities, friends and family of the forces, it was recommended that the troops would be the first to receive the Union Jack branded packs.

A photocall was quickly arranged and distribution to the MoD managed to ensure the troops would receive the first products off the line. Working with the MoD press office, Open drafted a story and distributed to all relevant media.


The MoD were more than grateful for the products received and feedback from the troops has been very positive. As gums and jellies don’t melt in the heat, meaning they last longer than other treats, they can be enjoyed by the forces who are based in climates with high temperatures.

As a result of the activity the MoD press office featured the story in their newsletter and within their annual report. Coverage was also achieved in relevant regional titles.

Additional activity to support the Limited Edition Union Jack branded Starmix packs is also underway with coverage appearing in trade, consumer, national and regional media throughout the country.