Support the MAOAM team during its sponsorship of the Freestyle stage at Move It – the UK’s largest dance event in the country.


Open Communications worked as an extension of the client’s team to manage all media, PR and communications activity during the event, as well as encouraging social media engagement with attendees and fans of the brand.

To ensure that the event was a success the Open team were available throughout, on site to support MAOAM during the three day event, organising sampling teams, photographers, podcasters and the purchase of all merchandise.

Sponsoring the freestyle stage involved daily competitions; using podcasting the team at Open were able to feature winners online encouraging further engagement with the brand during and after each event.


The event has been a success year on year. More than 70,000 samples are distributed each year and the team was able to engage with no fewer than 10,000 additional fans thanks to the recommendations made in relation to social media.

Messaging is consistent and relevant at the event and MAOAM gains the greatest level of engagement of any partner during the three day show. Media coverage is achieved for all winners who take part in the competition and photography and podcasting is used both during the competition and beyond.

Open Communications ensures that the client gains the highest return on investment from the sponsorship each year and that engagement with the audience is extended wherever possible.