Open for new business

Open for New Business is a service that we developed when we first launched Open Comms. Recognising how difficult it can be to turn to people for help when using a service for the first time, we wanted to make the process simple and cost effective.

Knowing that many people have the initial impression that PR is an expensive luxury, we wanted to show how it can support a business to fulfil objectives and achieve future growth.

The basic principle is simple – we spend a day with businesses to pass on the knowledge they need to implement their own PR and marketing communications strategy.

We simply sit down with each individual or team and give them the advice and support that they need to communicate effectively about their organisation to the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

If you want to speak to a straight talking agency, who won’t baffle you with promises and jargon, but will explain how you can use PR and marketing communications to benefit your business, please do give a member of the team at Open Comms a call.

Here’s a testimonial of someone who did just that, Ali Gane from Onfriday, the company providing a full range of upcycled, individually styled bags to consumers throughout the UK:

It’s always a real challenge for a small, growing business to know when to let go of the ropes, when to acknowledge and accept that your own knowledge has been exhausted and when to put your trust in the expert hands of an external agency. I have recently gone through that process when I asked the Open team to help me take my business forward.

From the initial introductory meeting, I knew instantly that Lindsey and the Open team were able to offer me what I needed – their knowledge, experience and amazing ability to understand and grasp the whole business concept, which was both reassuring and inspiring. I knew I could work with them and I knew it was going to be fun.

The Open team provided us with a full day of training where we were able to determine the positioning and targets of the business, create a tone of voice document, develop ideas to support a sustainable PR plan, make recommendations in relation to marketing materials and establish key goals and actions to be implemented over the coming months.

The day was hosted by Open and without doubt both the setting and the sheer enthusiasm of the Open team created the perfect environment for some great creative thinking. Discussions were in-depth and thought provoking and we had time to really explore some of the core elements of the business. I felt the day allowed me the time and space to understand my business with much greater insight and depth. The day also included some very practical advice and guidance and I now have the tools to engage in marketing and PR activities with far greater confidence. I am looking forward to more of these training days, knowing that the excellent support, knowledge and expertise offered by Open will prove a real asset as my business develops.

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