A New Era


I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Why? Well this time about five years ago we were excitedly planning the launch of Open, making the final preparations for a business of which I am immensely proud.

I remember the stress over what we were going to call ourselves, how our logo would look and what our website would say. But with all the stress came an overwhelming sense of belonging, a fierce determination to do things the way we believed best for Open and our clients and overtime a sense of undiluted pride!

I genuinely cannot believe that it has been five years. It seems like yesterday that we opened our doors at the New Media Centre in Wakefield. We were supported and helped by a great many people; Leander who set up our first spread sheet, Joe our first website and Steve who designed our original logo to name just a few. We also took a great deal of advice from many people (in fact we still do as we grow and develop). To all of these people we are forever grateful.

We quickly outgrew our first office or our ‘box’ as we fondly called it, but found a new home at Nostell in 2010. Here we looked to expand our team but quickly realised that taking on our first employee and letting them inside our business, a business that we’d nurtured and protected would be extremely hard.

But we found the right person and two did become three and today our team continues to grow.

I look back with a smile and I know that not everything stays the same and just as our plans, our campaigns and our clients evolve we do too.

I look forward with a sense of adventure and a few things that don’t change…… an overwhelming sense of belonging, a fierce determination to do things the way we believe is best for Open and for our clients and absolutely a sense of undiluted pride!