Good old community engagement


As brands branch out and look for national profiling it’s often at the expense of their heartland activity and support that they offer within their local community.

This is not helped by shrinking budgets and a brands quest to maximise their reach and in turn the investment in all aspects of product and service promotion.

Heartland activity can and should be an important part of a brands plans and we actively recommend this to all of our clients, whether that’s developing regional editorial, promotion and profiling, sponsorship or charitable activities.

With this in mind it was great to see Halifax bank so heavily involved in a community campaign at the weekend.

Halifax ran a Big Lunch charitable event and organised a number of fundraising activities at one of my local parks, Hemsworth Waterpark. They were raising funds for air ambulance through tombola’s, facepainting and obviously sandwiches and snacks – all in return for donations. It was a great example of a grassroot campaign and demonstrated just how impactful it is to get into the heart not just of the community but of local people too.

Now there wasn’t 1000’s of people there but enough to warrant effort and time; it was all about the quality of engagement. It was also a great example of how keeping things simple can really works – it shouldn’t always be fanfare and fireworks.

As a family we really enjoyed the experience, who doesn’t enjoy dipping into the tombola – even if you’re only winning bubble bath! They even ran a dog show and my husband was persuaded to enter our own pooch. Now it certainly wasn’t about the best dog in class or breeding but the dogs that were most obedient (mmm), cutest and had the waggiest tail!

I’m pleased to say that Obi (our dog) proudly has two rosettes to show off and happily slavered over three chewy treats. Thank you Halifax we had a great afternoon.

Obi Proudly showing off his rosettes