As we get ready for shorter daylight hours in the run up to the winter months, it’s no wonder so many of us feel down as the weather turns colder. I certainly feel a difference in my energy levels as the evenings get darker and my summer holiday feels like a distant memory. There are a few things I’ve found help keep on top of any negative feelings.

Get Outside

Try to get outside while it’s bright. This is particularly hard if you work the 9-5 but I’ve found a 20-minute lunch time stroll clears my head and gives my eyes a much-needed break from the screen. With the amount of rain we get in the UK, I make it a priority to get some fresh air on crisp, sunny autumn days.

Book a holiday

I’m a big fan of a winter city break. I find the winter season a little less busy in European cities and it’s easier to pack in the sightseeing when it’s not boiling hot. Planning a trip for the summer ahead is another way to get out of the seasonal slump. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

Enjoy the run up to winter

Take time to enjoy the things you wouldn’t do over the summer months. As we tend to spend more time indoors over this period, I like to schedule in some self-care. Set aside an hour for a hot bath with a few candles. This really helps me to unwind and warms me up on a chilly day.


I love hearty, warming food and there is nothing better than a bit of overindulgence in the run up to the festive season! Although, it’s worth remembering that too much can leave you feeling sluggish and is hard to shake off when the summer months arrive again.

While I don’t feel like eating salad as the seasons draw in, I always try to eat enough fruit and veg to keep my energy levels up.

Move your body

Making time to work out is tough at any time of the year but even harder over the colder months, especially when all we want to do is curl up on the couch in front of a good box set. I’ve found exercise is so important for my overall well being and something that helps keep my mental health in check.

Create a Focus

In the Open office there is an extra buzz in the air as we prepare for Halloween and Christmas campaigns. Focusing on these exciting celebrations gives us reason to celebrate the changing seasons rather than resent them.

I’ve struggled with the winter blues in the past, but these tried and tested methods work well if you can’t jet off somewhere warm this winter.