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“What you see is what you get with Open Comms”

We are award-winning PR experts based in West Yorkshire. We are very proud of what we have achieved since we launched more than a decade a go. During that time, we have built our reputation and are pleased to have worked with some of our clients for years.

As a straight-talking PR agency, we started out with the principle that we would be ourselves and deliver an honest and ‘open’ service for our clients. That has never changed.

You can find out a bit more about the Directors of the business below:

Lindsey Davies

Lindsey Davies



Emma Lupton



Emma Lupton · Co-Founder

“Emma loves it when a plan comes together”

For Emma PR is about combining the ability to react quickly to topical and relevant opportunities with a well thought out, sustainable communications programme that is planned, monitored and measured. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how many agencies fail to address these key areas.

Emma is a stickler for detail and putting in place the steps that ensure our clients get the best of our time and the results that they deserve month in and month out.

After many years (we won’t say how many!) in the industry Emma has worked with organisations of all sizes from small social enterprises to leading household names from a variety of sectors. She has had the pleasure of developing long standing relationships with clients and delivering award winning campaigns – from transforming the humble door key into a must have fashion accessory through to creating CSR programmes that genuinely give something back, adding value to the client and their chosen community.

Genuinely believing that passion is infectious, Emma uses this in the best way possible; she takes the enthusiasm our clients have for their products and services and passes it on!

Lindsey Davies

Lindsey Davies · Co-Founder

“Lindsey finds an angle and hits the headlines”

The most common phrase Lindsey heard when growing up was “Lindsey, will you ever shut up?” It’s probably a bonus then that she chose a career in PR, which relies on people communicating – all of the time!

Having worked in PR for more than a decade, Lindsey enjoys the fast pace that comes with the job. The thrill that she gets from securing coverage whether regional, national or international, online, in print or broadcast still gives her the same excited feeling it did when she first started out in her career.

Voted Young Communicator of the Year (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire) during the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) PRide Awards before going on to become one of the CIPR’s 29 under 29 rising PR professionals, she has collected a few accolades over the years.

Having worked with business partner, Emma since the launch of Open Communications in 2008, Lindsey says she’s the loud – and if we’re honest – hotter headed one of the two. Her approach is simply to get the job done and to do it well.

If there’s a story to be placed, she’ll be on the phones and if there’s a crisis situation which needs managing she’ll have it covered. Throughout her career she has been privileged to work with some of the largest brands both in the UK and Europe and continues to use the knowledge and skills she has learnt to give our clients the support that they need.


Fareeha Faheem · Account Executive

“Fareeha swaps ER for PR but says she’s still helping people”

Supporting a number of clients across a range of sectors, Fareeha admits that although she enjoys them all, MAOAM has to be the one that gets her vote. Allowing her to be creative and to think differently, the leading chew brand also gives her the chance to try new treats before anyone else – we think this probably ‘sweetens’ the deal.

Fareeha also has a soft spot for the team here at Open Comms and says that it is her colleagues that make all the difference.

She comments: “There is no greater feeling than being surrounded by supportive colleagues who understand the value of hard work. Although I LOVE my job, the Open Comms team are most definitely the best part! Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say!”

Although she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, Fareeha feels that PR is a close second as ‘we help people too’. Just don’t ask her about your latest ailment or you may get a somewhat surprising response.


Nick Hill · Account Executive

“Nick slam dunks into PR”

Starting out his career in journalism, Nick has a real way with words and that comes in very handy when you join a PR team working across a diverse range of clients. Able to adapt his style to suit whichever brand he is supporting, it’s the shaping of the story and securing coverage that gets him really fired up.

He comments: “I really enjoy producing compelling content for our clients. Whether it is drafting a press release, curating a blog post or copywriting for a client’s website, I take pride in my ability to be given pieces of information that I then transform into one informative and engaging piece of copy.

I’m also really intrigued by the many different aspects of how a client can measure the engagement that we produce on behalf of them, and then how this has impacted the business overall.

If its researching analytics from a social media campaign or examining the impact of press coverage from a business announcement, being able to measure the outcome of our handwork isn’t just beneficial for clients but it also shows us the lasting impact of what we are doing.” 

When Nick isn’t tapping furiously at his computer to meet with his next deadline, he enjoys playing basketball and believes he could have gone pro, if only it weren’t for his lack of skill and height! Never mind Nick, we think you ‘slam dunk’ it in PR.


Katie Coxall · Senior Account Executive

“Having finally found her passion, Katie likes the variety PR brings”

Starting at Open Comms as an administrator, Katie has quickly progressed through her career and is now responsible for the PR, marketing communications, content marketing and social media strategies for a number of clients.

Recognising that we are a team that works hard but also gives people the opportunity to progress Katie says she likes the fact the directors are willing to roll their sleeves up too.

She comments: “There’s a culture of hard work which applies throughout the whole team. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around in the days when the directors were dressing as POM-BEAR but, whilst they no longer dress up, they still lead by example and would never expect any of us to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves.

“I think that’s something to be admired in a leader and a great example to the rest of the team. I’d also just like to point out that I wasn’t paid to say this!”

Having worked across a vast spectrum of accounts, both B2B and B2C, Katie has learnt to apply the right tactics to deliver against a client’s objectives and feels it is this variety that makes each day interesting.

Although she wanted to be a Red Coat for Butlins when she was growing up, her dream may not be as far removed as she thought. After all, we do have access to a POM-BEAR suit that could help her to fulfil her ambitions.


Louise Harris · PR Administrator

“Louise will bend over backwards to help!”

Having only recently entered the wonderful world of PR, Louise has already got to grips with the fast-pace and is getting used to ‘spinning plates’ as one task is quickly replaced by another in our busy office.

Supporting across all accounts, Louise is a dab hand when it comes to organisation and keeping each of our campaigns on track.

She comments: “I’ve always been interested in the PR industry and always wanted to work for a magazine. What attracted me to Open was that I really like the friendly atmosphere and the fact that every single day is different. It is fast-paced and there is a lot to learn but that keeps me busy and means there’s no time to be getting bored.”

When Louise isn’t up to her elbows in boxes, scheduling social media posts or pulling together research for a national launch or regional programme of activity she enjoys Yoga and it’s certainly come in handy as she will literally bend over backwards for our clients!

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