Reliving a real celebration

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Flash Back Friday

As you can imagine we never tire of sharing our results so here is our flash back Friday. We’re rewinding back 12 months when we were in the midst of celebrating 30 years of The Ridings Shopping Centre.

The Ridings – Celebrating 30 years

I was born and bred in Wakefield so I grew up with The Ridings, I remember many of the iconic features – the original glass elevator, the fish pond and dare I say it C&A! So being able to work on its 30th celebration was a real joy. I have to say it was also an eye opener, I hadn’t realised the significance of the centre and how it led the way for shopping centres across the country. Having worked for The Ridings for some time we knew that shoppers were very fond of the centre, but as we started planning and researching we discovered that there really was a lot of love for the mall.

Look  familiar?

Look familiar?

Bringing the campaign to life

We delivered an intense three month campaign that was executed as part of our press office activity. The 30th celebration was an ideal opportunity to reinforce the values of the centre, its community feel and also its position as a family friendly shopping destination. Whilst it was a celebration of the last 30 years, it was also a platform for showcasing some of the major initiatives underway. To deliver on our objectives we had a very clear plan that involved 30 blogs across 30 days; and profile, feature, event and nostalgia pieces across regional media. The results – coverage across all targeted media including trade, regional media, regional TV and also radio.

A Tribute to The Ridings Shopping Centre

A Tribute to The Ridings Shopping Centre

30 blogs, 30 days

From remembering the iconic lift, to profiling key individuals the blogs covered all aspects of life at The Ridings – research saw us down at the library flicking though 30 years of coverage, interviewing long serving employees and even catching up with the architect who was instrumental in bringing the centre to life. This element of the campaign was a real labour of love not just for me but for Naomi and Hannah too.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Through the decades

Remember pink leg warmers, walkmans and girls aloud? Each week during the countdown to the 30th Birthday The Ridings hosted a special celebration of each decade. Promoted through regional platforms the Open team was also on hand to capture each occasion.

Bringing the fun to life

Bringing the fun to life

The ‘This is your Ridings life’ exhibition also opened at the Centre, packed with 100’s of picture’s memorabilia and press clippings. It was great to see the fantastic coverage achieved over the last 30 years, including many of the pieces that we have supported in recent years. We all really enjoyed supporting this campaign, working with the centre team and partners to bring the campaign to life and to create a real celebration.

More to come

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing lots more examples of projects and campaigns, so look out for Sweet Art, Ride to Glory, Talking Rhubarb, Move It………….and a few more along the way.