Sponsorship – more than a name over the door

It’s been a couple of weeks since I stepped off the train at Wakefield Westgate following a three day dance exhibition in London and I have to say that just like last year I’m still wishing that there really was a dancer in me!

For the last few years we have supported MAOAM at Move IT, one of the UK’s biggest dance exhibitions that attracts 20,000 people across three days. Here the MAOAM team sponsor the Freestyle stage, which lets dancers of all abilities compete in a freestyle dance competition, and take an eclectic mix of classes in a dance studio.

Moving it on the MAOAM Freestyle Stage Move It 2013

Believe me its pretty non-stop and this year was no different. After months of planning we (me and Lindsey) helped to run the event which saw 53,000 products sampled, merchandise sold, 100’s of products given away, six podcasts produced and three photocalls co-ordinated – all whilst finding three MAOAM Freestyle Stage competition winners.

MAOAM Move It 2013

It’s all pretty hands on, but that’s simply how we roll. Just like every event that we get involved in it’s the genuine passion for what we do combined with a desire to see it work that makes it all worthwhile. Our goal is simple, we want our client to maximise the potential of any sponsorship activity and we help them to do just that.
Every year the dance talent is amazing, especially their confidence and ability to spin, leap, twist and contort their body to eye watering depths.  It’s a real buzz to watch and I’m sure that even non-dancers leave the event tapping their feet, practice pirouetting in front of the mirror and cartwheels on the bed. It’s about the experience, which is what sponsorship should be about. It’s not just having a logo above the door.

The spins from the MAOAM Freestyle Stage – Move It 2013

When you’re surrounded by thousands of young people chanting the client name, getting stuck into a dance designed just for the brand and feeling the floor vibrate from everyone ‘making some noise’ for their favourite chew – MAOAM – you know it’s worked and that all of the planning and hard graft is worth it.