Technology – so much more than social media


I had the pleasure today of listening to Tim Harper from Cientifica during a seminar he was presenting at the Buy Yorkshire Conference. The title of the seminar was ’10 Emerging Technologies’ and I immediately presumed that the talk would focus on social media and the way that we communicate with our partners, stakeholders, employees and prospects – how wrong I was!

 I sat waiting to hear the usual buzz words; sharing, content, user enabled, smart phones, AR or QR codes, user generated content and so on, and so forth.

You will understand my surprise when Tim started the session by explaining that he would be providing an overview on technologies that would create industries or disrupt markets which already exist. Now this I had to listen to!

The technologies that Tim was talking about are those that are being developed and if they become marketable and are proven to be a success will change the world we live in forever. I won’t spoil the presentation by relaying everything that was mentioned but I thought it would be interesting to others to hear about some of the amazing work that is going on ‘behind the scenes’.

 I often think that we all get caught up in our day-to-day lives, roles and responsibilities and miss out on sharing in the amazing and emerging advancements in other sectors. So here goes, a summary of the emerging technologies that I think are worth looking out for:

3D Printing

Working for an innovative print management company, we have heard a lot about 3D printing but I’m not sure I really understood the concept. This method not only creates a 3D image but has 3 dimensional capabilities outside of the usual materials you would print on to.  It is therefore of particular significance to aerospace and auto sport industries, as well as any sector that produces prototypes.

Self-healing materials

This is the process of a given material repairing itself without the aid of human or mechanical intervention. An example given was self-healing concrete, which when cracked can ‘heal’ without additional intervention. It takes some believing and is almost like something from Back to the Future but if this could become a genuine and marketable product just think about the benefit to road users never mind the construction industry.

Precise drug delivery

Almost everyone I know is or has been associated to someone who has battled cancer. The adverts are more aggressive than ever before and show a huge determination and commitment to beating this terrible disease. With precise drug delivery the effectiveness of certain procedures can be improved. This method would reduce side effects and enable new forms of treatments to take place. It is so specific that it targets diseased cells only using magnetic systems. At present this is under clinical trials and I really do hope that it is proven to be a huge success.

So there are just my top three emerging technologies. Just imagine how they alone would shape and change the world we live in today. I was really inspired by Tim and would like to thank him for sharing his insight into the top 10 emerging technologies. As a business we immediately consider technology to focus on communication or digital applications but after today’s session I now recognise the amazing work that is taking place by other industries and sectors and I genuinely wish them every success.