As society becomes increasingly reliant on new technologies, the way we communicate with one another has arguably gone through the most dramatic evolution. No matter the type or form of correspondence, the emergence of digitalisation has given us an increasing number of ways to absorb and distribute critical information.

This is especially evident when it comes to digesting news. Traditionally, print publications and scheduled televised broadcasts have been society’s main source for breaking, regional, national and world news.

News on demand

In recent years, however, digitalisation has spearheaded an era of change. As a result of new innovations, it has become necessary for media companies to adapt to online platforms as the expectations of their audiences evolve.

In today’s world, news can be accessed instantly. With online publications providing access to a global audience, every person holding a smart phone, or any similar device, can instantly engage with these platforms.

Whether it’s via email, through an app or on social media, everyone can find the latest updates at anytime from anywhere. These are now the expectations of society and falling short of delivering this immediate engagement could be significantly damaging to press publications.

Extending reach

As well as providing benefits for the end-user, this digital revolution has also afforded many new opportunities for the press to take advantage of. Not only is moving to a digital centric model more cost-effective, agile and adaptable, but it can engage with a much larger audience.

The true value of uploading an article to a news website is simple; it can be read by anyone, at any time, in any location. More importantly, the content can then be repurposed to resonate with other members of a particular target audience.

This can be anything from the article being shared across social media channels, sent via email newsletters, or even appear as a tending topic on Google News.

Making the most of every opportunity

As PR professionals, we at Open Communications want to get the most out of the coverage we generate for our clients. Undoubtedly, there is still significant value in generating print coverage, but the opportunities within online publications are simply far greater.

As this trend continues, fighting for space in newspapers and other trade titles has never been so competitive. This has therefore made print coverage much more prestigious, and more challenging to secure. Never before has it been so important to write well, and for the audience you are targeting.

Time is of the essence

This is why we always ensure that for those still producing quality newspapers, such as The Times, The Guardian or The Telegraph to name a few, receive any newsworthy content at the exact same time as their digital counterparts.

However, as the market share of digital news platforms continues to grow, so will the opportunities to be featured on them. Whether it’s trade, regional or national digital media platforms, they need to be populated with the latest news and updates on a daily basis. Their demand needs to be met.

By providing them with the latest news and updates that are most relevant to their readership, the chances of securing media coverage significantly increase. The more coverage secured, the larger the audience is reached.

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