As a business we believe that clear communication, combined with trust, forms the basis of any successful client-agency relationship. Like the saying goes, honesty is the best policy.

Being honest and upfront with our clients is and will continue to be very important for us. In fact, it’s the foundation on which our company has been built. This approach enables us to not only foster positive, long-lasting partnerships but also ensures that the client’s best interest is always kept at heart.


Entrusted with managing a client’s PR, it becomes our responsibility as an agency to initiate difficult conversations that shine a light on the hard truths. For example, a client may have unrealistic expectations that cannot be met due to low budget or time constraints. While the easier option would be to just agree with the clients brief and make empty promises, it is simply not the way we work here at Open Comms.

Instead, we would offer advice and alternative recommendations which align with the client’s visions but can also produce tangible results. Although not every client may respond well to honesty, it’s our way of making sure that we deliver the very best outcome possible. After all, the client’s success is ours too!


A lack of honesty in any relationship can have detrimental impacts. Add business and commercial interest into the mix and the stakes just get higher!

Dishonest dialogues between a client and its agency presents obvious implications that can negatively affect organisations. Especially when it comes to PR, where one slight mistake can damage the client’s reputation. It’s due to this, that honesty must be applied in every situation, regardless of how ‘inconvenient’ it may seem sometimes.

Ultimately, by doing so the client gets a clear picture on expectations, timelines, deliverables and most importantly results.


Going back to what I initially said, when we receive a client brief, it’s vital for us to envision the desired results. If we cannot, then we are certainly not afraid to challenge it. As experts in the field, it’s our job to do so, otherwise we are just wasting the clients time and budget, as well as our own.

If you would like to have a chat with our team of PR pro’s about a campaign brief or your business needs and requirements, why not give us a call on 01924 862477, we’d be happy to hear from you!