The things you do…

So, we were all sat in the office on Tuesday and Emma pipes up with ‘Right ladies, should we do something for Comic Relief?’ Hannah retorts eagerly with ‘Can we come to work in our pyjamas?’ – now this you will realise, is where it all goes horribly wrong – I respond with ‘Great idea, why not…oh wait, I can’t because I have a meeting in Leeds City Centre’.

The conversation then somehow resulted in a commitment of £40 in donations if I dared to go to Leeds in my pyjamas. I couldn’t very well say no, and so with that my task was set. It then became apparent that I would have to visit my local corner shop and take my mortified 15 year old step-son to school before even venturing into Leeds.

And so, here it is, my day in pictures. Thankfully the girls were equally as badly dressed with Hannah’s glow in the dark PJ’s and Emma’s onesie which is just ‘grrrreat!’ but at least we can hold our heads up high and say that we donated an impressive £70 and counting to Comic Relief. If you want to help us to raise even more then just click here!

Seriously you want me to wear my pyjamas for work? What about this dress?

My local Londis in Swillington – they actually asked if I was ‘just running late this morning’. Dear, dear…

The school run and look what I came across….seems that we aren’t the only ones who look silly today. I wasn’t allowed to step out of the car – the orders of a stern 15 year old.

My meeting in Leeds. I thought we were going for a coffee – turns out Malmaison was the preferred option. The shame!

The Open Comms team. Ok, so it’s not very PR but it’s certainly been a giggle and we raised some cash too.