“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.” -Mia Hamm

The simple truth about PR, is that it’s not easy. In fact, that’s an understatement. PR is tough. It’s extremely demanding and requires a whole host of skills, in addition to some very specific personality traits. However, this isn’t me complaining. Despite the challenges, I love my job. Like the rest of the Open team, I am passionate about what I do. It’s this passion, which ultimately translates into success for our clients.

While many agencies may claim that they have a sincere desire to help their clients, we live and breathe this. Our enthusiasm and interest goes well beyond the invoice. For us it’s not just about achieving short term objectives and quick wins, we focus on sowing the seeds for continued success too. As a result of this approach, we deliver campaigns which often exceed our clients’ expectations.


Bringing on a new client or starting a new campaign is always going to be exciting. However, ‘newness’ fades away, whereas passion rarely ever does. So, you can only imagine how important it is for us to inject passion into every project we take on.

As a group of people who genuinely love what they do, we naturally bring excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to the range of brands we work with. This is then reflected in the quality of the campaigns we produce. Simple. If you are not motivated and inspired by what you do, then how can you possibly do the job well?


Building a brand with so much devotion, only to partner up with a business who does not hold the same attitude and approach, simply doesn’t make sense. Especially considering the best brands are built around passion. Therefore, partnering up with a team who radiate the same sense of intensity and dedication is crucial.

Now, some may argue that ‘passion’ is only useful under the right circumstances. For me, this just isn’t true. Passion is dynamic. It can be a vital ingredient for persevering in tricky situations or it can be the driving force behind new thoughts and ideas.

Want to know more about how we deliver successful campaigns with a passion? Contact our team here or alternatively give us a call on 01924 862477, we’d be happy to hear from you.