The launch of any new or reinvented brand is often accompanied with a unique opportunity to standout in the marketplace. With all eyes on your company, it’s the perfect time to create positive buzz, drive awareness and increase visibility.

Fast forward a few weeks and the interest has faded. The applauses have died down. There’s also less coverage coming through the door. Then, soon after, the realisation hits. Your brand launch is officially old news. History.

Of course, making an initial splash is great. However, your efforts and investments are likely to be wasted if a post-launch plan has not been considered. Think of it this way, in the pursuit of reaching sustainable success for your business, a brand launch is just phase one of many.


Once a launch is over and done with, you will be left with plenty of content to review, re-share and re-purpose. The objective here is to use what you already have in a new and different way.

A simple press release for instance can be updated so that it sits on your brands website or perhaps across social channels. There may also be several pieces of coverage that can be promoted across your company’s owned platforms.

These are just a few examples of how a launch milestone can be turned into meaningful content which prolongs the buzz among prospective customers.


It’s common to find that the energy and motivation that was once there dissipates among employees after a launch. This usually boils down to one reason: a lack of clear communication internally.

Although frequently overlooked, it is just as crucial to keep employees engaged as it is customers. In fact, I would even argue that it’s more important. A team which is unenthusiastic cannot possibly inject the level of passion required to successfully and consistently drive a brand forward.

In order to prevent this from happening, it’s vital to consistently share the progress a brand makes, its achievements and wins with colleagues. By doing so, you encourage excitement and enthusiasm from within your business.

We often say that the biggest advocates are those that work for you, so factoring them into your plans is certainly worth considering.


The chance to secure media coverage very rarely comes out of the blue. More times than not, it comes as result of proactively searching for the right requests from relevant media contacts and endlessly pitching to a long list of busy journalists.

While you may have experienced an influx of emails from contacts after your brand launch, trust me it’s temporary. Don’t rely on the assumption that you will stumble upon a perfect opportunity to gain media exposure, as that may never happen. Instead efforts should be focused on proactively exploring every opportunity that could secure quality coverage.

Though a well-executed brand unveiling can lead to impressive sales and fantastic coverage, this will only last for so long without a proper post-launch plan in place.

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