The disruption caused by COVID-19 has affected people and businesses all over the world. We’ve now had weeks of confusion, panic and uncertainty.

Like many others, the Open Comms team have been working remotely for some time. While this has been uncharted territory for us, it was one that we were prepared for.

With that being said, although we had systems and processes in place that would allow us to continue servicing our clients remotely and without any interruption, what I, personally failed to prepare for is how working from home can be mentally draining.

The first few days in particular were challenging. I went from a routine that I really liked to simply waking up and confining myself to my room all day. Fortunately, as the days have gone by, I have adapted to this new way of working by making small changes in my WFH routine.

Here are some things I have done that you can do also –

Have breakfast before starting work

The most important meal of the day and one that should not be delayed. Yes, many of us will be enjoying a lie in as we no longer need to commute but that doesn’t mean waking up at 8:57 to start work at 9. I noticed, if I miss breakfast while working from home, then I probably won’t have anything to eat until lunch, which would just make me feel less energetic throughout the entire morning. Sleeping in is great, but avoid over indulging. Give yourself enough time to wake up and have breakfast before logging on.

Check in with your team

Going from greeting your colleagues every morning to no interaction at all can make you feel disconnected. Just because you aren’t physically seeing your team does not mean you can’t drop them a quick message. Email is probably not the best option to check in with the team but there are many instant message platforms that can be downloaded for free such as Slack.

Step away at lunch

It’s really easy to fall into the habit of eating at your desk, especially if you’re already in the comfort of your own home. Don’t fall into this trap! During your lunch, take some time out to perhaps venture into the garden for some fresh air or even just change rooms. Get lost on social media or maybe give your friend a quick call.

Incorporate some exercise after work

Being active is more important than ever right now. Whether it’s one hour or 20 minutes, set some time aside after work to exercise. Not only will it help to maintain overall health and fitness but exercise can also lift your mood. I’ve come across numerous gym enthusiasts and vloggers who are providing in depth home workout plans, so there is plenty of support out there on how to get started!

Working from home isn’t as ‘easy’ as it sounds but with a few tips we can certainly make it easier! If not done properly it can take a toll on your mental health and general wellbeing. Although you might be at home, don’t disregard the importance of continuing to lead a balanced work-life routine.