As the influencer industry continues to evolve, we are seeing more positive uses for social media celebrities and their high profiles.

Following a Freedom of Information request by Full Fact, the UK government confirmed that they were working with key micro and macro influencers to spread awareness of the NHS Track and Trace app.

In an official statement, The Cabinet Office explained that a total of £63,000 was spent on influencers ‘’to reach young adults in a channel they regularly engage with.’’

An investment of this nature and size, particularly at a time when the economy is already suffering may seem completely unjustifiable to some. However, this misconstrued view could not be farther from the truth.

Influencer marketing works

Undoubtedly, the best way to engage an audience on social media is through influencer marketing. This reality was first recognised by consumer-facing brands who started utilising influencers to promote their products and business.

Now, as the world collectively begins to see the true value of influencers, their role in society has progressed into so much more than just a vehicle for selling.

When used properly, influencers have the potential to act as effective agents for social change. Thanks to their incredibly engaged fan base, they are in possession of a platform perfect for delivering messages that positively impact people and society.

The governments’ social media influencer campaign alone reached over seven million people. All of whom were encouraged to #gettested by the likes of former Love Islanders Josh Denzel and Shaughna Phillips.

The bottom line

The reason why influencer marketing has experienced exponential growth over such a short period of time is due to its simplicity. People listen to people that they trust. It really is that easy.

Much like any other peer to peer recommendations, influencers have the power to shape the behaviours of their followers through messages and information that they share on their social channels.

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