Creating campaigns that deliver results

When it comes to creating campaigns that deliver results, there is no shortcut.

An effective PR campaign demands a substantial amount of preparation, hard work and complete commitment to achieve objectives. All of which are simply the basics.

It’s only when these basics are met, that a brand can reap the benefits of a truly successful campaign. However, getting to this stage is not easy. Here are the essentials steps you must take:

  1. Review the brief

Before diving into the planning stages, it is vital to first extensively review the campaign brief you have been given.

Ask yourself; is it doable? Is the time limit a restraint? Can you work with the budget provided? Does it have clear objectives?

If you find yourself answering any of these questions with a no, it’s time to be honest and open with the client. Having an upfront conversation about these issues will allow you to agree on realistic solutions that are in fact achievable.

  1. Don’t rush planning

An easy mistake to make is rushing the planning stages. DON’T.

PR in its entirety is about attention to detail and that goes for campaigns too. Giving yourself and your team enough time to plan and carry out any research is vital to the success of a campaign.

In your planning stage you must consider the following; what’s the purpose of the campaign? Who are the audience? How will you reach them? What strategy will work best? Which PR tactics will you be using?

Remember to also plan for the worst-case scenarios. A well-equipped PR team is always prepared for a crisis, regardless of how unlikely it may be. Like they say, better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Begin implementation cautiously

The same way a campaign can receive positive recognition in minutes, it can also receive disastrous feedback.

The only way to tackle this is by being extremely cautious during the implementation stage.

Regardless of how you have chosen to go live with a campaign, whether that be distributing a press release or publishing new content across social media channels, be extra vigilant with regards to the response you receive. It is often a good indication of how well the rest of your campaign will go.

If you do run into any trouble, don’t be afraid to revisit and tweak your approach so that it tackles any issues at hand. It’s much better to have fixed something early on in the process, than let it spoil the entire campaign.

  1. Conduct a thorough evaluation

One of the most critical steps when creating campaigns, is to provide a thorough evaluation.

Not only is it a valuable way to learn how well a campaign has been received, it also plays an instrumental role in defining the next steps for a brand. Should they continue with the approach that was taken? Or would they benefit from a new creative, message or medium?

It is also important to take pride in an evaluation. It’s your opportunity to show off the incredible results you’ve worked so hard for. Be concise, be clear and be sure to present it in a way which your client understands.

Ultimately, when creating campaigns, the reputation of a brand is left under the care of its PR team. So, you can see why it’s imperative that these steps are followed to ensure no damage is done.

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