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Success in PR is largely dependent on the ability to forge and maintain lasting relationships. But as an industry that is constantly evolving, so too is the way we communicate. With that in mind, putting in place the tactics needed to deliver consistent and reliable communications with those that matter most has never been more important.

Understanding the way we communicate with our clients, the press and our fellow employees can often be a challenging prospect. But as the working day for any PR professional can be incredibly varied, we must be able to meet the differing expectations of our many audiences.

Here at Open Comms’, our diverse client base requires that each member of the team must continually develop an efficient understanding of multiple sectors and specific fields. We are able to obtain this knowledge through the close relationships we have forged and the effective way we communicate with our clients, but also each other as well.


Whether it’s digital or charitable, public sector or professional services, the Open Comms team have developed the ability to seamlessly transfer from one to the other without any disruption to our work or comprising our services.

This is only achievable by working as an extension of our clients’ teams so that we have access to all of the information and detail we require.

Using this as a foundation, the Open Comms team takes a collaborative approach when executing a PR and marketing strategy. From conceptualisation to delivery, we offer transparency and openness throughout the entire process.

By cultivating this trust and respect, we retain relationships that span many years and often result in us being recommended by those we work with.


Relationships with clients may be considered as the most important, but they are by no means the only ones we must nurture on a daily basis. A vital aspect of any PR professional’s role is media relations.

As journalists are inundated with dozens upon dozens of requests on a daily basis, their capacity to answer each one is almost impossible. So, establishing lasting relationships with members of the press is critical to the success of our press coverage. It is important that we, as PR professionals, contact journalists with something that will ultimately benefit them and their publication.

To understand the widespread benefits of having trusted contacts in the media, I’ve listed some top tips about what you must consider prior to approaching them.

  • Research what the journalists have historically covered in the past
  • Understand who their readers are and what is topical to them
  • Identify why you have ‘newsworthy’ content for them
  • Highlight why their readers will be interested
  • Be bespoke in your interactions, and try to avoid sending generic communications

We would like to think that through our relationships we have become an asset to the journalists we work with. We are often told that we are a trusted source of news and information.


Last but not least, the relationship between colleagues is paramount in the continuity of services a PR agency offers its clients. We at Open Comms pride ourselves on being an agile and receptive workforce who are able to trust one another when it comes to delivering for the brands we support.

Each employee at Open Comms brings their own individual skillset to the table. Not only does this ensure we are able to deliver on all client briefs, no matter how complex, but our collaborative way of working enables each of us to learn and develop new skills.

We are able to work as cohesive unit because of the trust we have developed through the relationships we have established. Much like we are with clients, the Open Comms team operate through regular communications and ensure that the team, no matter what position, has a clear understanding of each employee’s specific workload.

If you’d like to find out about the service we offer, then please contact the team here or simply give us a call on 01924 862477.

Does it pay to be loyal?

There is no doubt that we live in a cash conscious world and that at the end of the day it is king but a few calls I’ve received recently have left me wondering if loyalty counts for anything anymore?

We, like many others, get constant calls asking if we will change supplier because a new company can deliver the same products or service for a fraction of the cost. I’d like to say that in all of these cases are heads aren’t turned but that wouldn’t be entirely true.

Everyone wants to save money where they can but there is some truth in buying cheap and buying twice! Last week I got a call which really made me think. It was from a new company (who will remain nameless) asking me to move from our current supplier to them because we could save up to 25% on each order.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I have to admit I was tempted but then remembered that the supplier we currently use has turned things around quickly for us – in some instances giving us a same day delivery at no extra charge – always been more than helpful and is by all accounts reasonably priced.

I decided to go with my instincts and explained to the caller that we wouldn’t be changing supplier as we had a loyalty to the business we currently worked with. Ok, so I didn’t save a few quid but do you know what, I’d like to think that even during difficult times our clients would do the same.

It’s not always about money. It’s about long term relationships, consistently good service and a quality product. If you’ve got that then I’m a firm believer that the rest will follow. Lesson learnt on my part but I wonder how many others would do the same.