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Once upon a time, not too long ago…

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We love a good story here at Open Comms, there’s nothing like adding a bit of imagination to something that might appear at first to be bland and boring but end up being super exciting! As a gaggle of girls that write for a living, National Storytelling Week is always a hot topic in the office. 

After much discussion we decided we couldn’t let this annual occasion pass us by without at least trying to add our own little contribution – however insignificant. At Open Comms we like to get involved, so I thought we would share a short story…

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were two friends. After years and years and years of working in big grey office blocks for other people, they decided that they wanted to do things differently and to turn the wacky world of PR on its head!

No more air kissing, no more lunches, no more fizzy pop – more exciting campaign ideas, working with clients rather than for them, getting excited by results, sharing success, getting the job done and doing it well… Oh, and most importantly, being open and honest.

Could it ever work? It was a new approach, people were used to doing things the same old way. It was a risk.

Talking to the exciting businesses based in Yorkshire it appeared that there were some companies that wanted to try out this new way of working. They didn’t really like the lunches or the regular increase in fees that they weren’t expecting. Who knew? 

Both ladies liked to write stories and to come up with super exciting and creative ways of sharing news, and so they launched Open Communications.

With just two small desks, two phone lines and a jar of coffee, they started to ring companies that had similar values and within no time at all they were working with some fantastic brands and businesses.

Fast forward just a few years, and then a few more, and with lots and lots of amazing results and too many fun-filled campaigns to fit into one short story, the two ladies are now five and they all enjoy the same things – working with great brands and businesses in Yorkshire.

The ladies are massive champions of the Wakefield district and they still like to do things exactly the same way they did way back when. They like to be honest and open, to be straight talking and to create relationships that last a long time – after all, no one likes falling out!

And so, the story is far from over. Open Comms continues to come up with campaigns that include anything from a giant Halloween door to a family picnic activation zone or the launch of a business that produces the most rail tickets in the country to a car headlamp that is the whitest on the market.

Every day is a new adventure at Open and that is what makes it so exciting. So, if you’re looking for an agency that doesn’t take itself too seriously and you want to be a part of the next chapter in this ongoing story, then give us a shout. The kettle is always on and when you work with Open its always story time.   

Naomi supports growth at Open Comms

We have some exciting news to share with you all – here at Open Communications, the straight talking PR agency based at Nostell Priory Estate Yard, we have strengthened our growing team with the appointment of Naomi Stafford as PR Account Manager.

With experience as a journalist having written articles, blogs and press features for some of the UK’s leading consumer magazines, as well as managing accounts at a previous agency, Naomi is already proving herself to be an asset to the team.

Taking responsibility for the development of press office schedules, creative plans, campaigns and social media strategies, Naomi will be a key point of contact and will help us to meet with the objectives of our ever expanding client base.

When asked about her appointment Naomi said: “I’m delighted to be a part of a growing agency. Having built up my experience within journalism and PR, I’m now eager to develop my skills even further, working across a broad range of accounts.  Since joining Open Comms I’ve been made to feel like one of the team and I very much look forward to working more closely with an extensive and increasing list of clients in the near future.”

As Naomi has already proven herself to be an asset to the Open team, we know that she will be welcomed by our clients and we are looking forward to sharing her skills, ideas and enthusiasm with the current brands we work with, as well as prospects, over the coming months. Please do say hello if you are passing, tweeting, phoning or just generally getting in touch.

I have a confession…


I’ve never been to the Great Yorkshire Show. Despite growing up in North Yorkshire and now living in West Yorkshire I have just never got around to it. I do really want to go and think it’s important that we make time to support these events but I just didn’t get around to it.

Last year it was a disaster due to the weather but this year it was glorious sunshine, what better way to spend a day than trying out some local ales and home grown foods, while engaging with some of the many businesses who are based in the Yorkshire region.

I am also particularly interesting in the arts and crafts that are showcased at these events. I love going along to the steam gatherings which take place in Masham and Hunton, near where I’m from. Not only are there cake stalls and the usual vegetable growing competitions but also a massive collective of talents including sewing, wood craft and painting.

I’ve always really wanted to be creative when it comes to crafts and have a sewing machine, but I haven’t spent enough time using it to become any good. I do however want to change that and you never know I could be showcasing my own creations in the future – although I won’t hold my breath!

I am going to make it my mission next year to go to the Great Yorkshire Show. I remember when we were at primary and secondary school it would be accepted and expected that people took time off to go along to the event and I still never managed it!

From the website it looks like it was a huge success and with a waiting list of exhibitors there is no doubt that the many companies that were promoting their wares got great value from it. As some of the largest businesses in the country are based in the county we really should make the effort to support events like this and to champion and shout about the beautiful area we live in.

If you were lucky enough to attend then let me know what you thought. I have heard some amazing things about the show and hope that in future years I will find the time to go along and experience it for myself.